Member Benefits

Business Referrals 
We field numerous calls each month from consumers looking for a specific product or service. When an inquiry is received, we only refer chamber members.

Website Search
When you join, we welcome your membership by introducing your business on our home page. Hundreds of consumers use the Chamber website every day to find information and companies.  Your personal profile page can immediately tell them who you are, what you offer, and how to reach you. We will even link viewers directly to your website.

The Chamber provides many different programs, events, and networking opportunities throughout the year including: Monthly Business After Hours, breakfasts and more. Becoming involved in a Chamber Committee can also be a great way to network, meet new Chamber members, and enhance your company’s visibility.

Membership Decal
The most recognized symbol of community spirit and involvement, respect and credibility.  Your customers see when they give you business that you are giving back to your community.

Low Cost, Effective Advertising
Our Website and Newsletters have space for advertising your business. It may reach just the clients or customers for which you are aiming! For more information contact the Chamber 419-738-2911

Professional Development
Seminars and workshops for members and their employees are at reduced price or free of charge.

Bulk Mailing Permit 
Complimentary use of the Chamber’s money saving bulk-mailing permit for large mailings of business related material is available for your use.

Chamber Bucks Gift Certificate Program
Chamber Bucks gift certificates can be purchased annually can increase your sales and bring new customers to you.

For more information, review our Membership Brochure! 

 Membership Brochure 2020

Member Benefits*