How To Get Involved

Organize and run an event
Check out the list of possible events that could take place during the festival. A club or organization could sponsor an event. The event could be run to promote the club’s cause and/or make some money. The possibilities for an event are endless and not limited by the list.

Create an Information or service stand
A club or organization may consider setting up a stand to provide information about a cause or service that the club supports. This would be good PR for the club that could build your membership and recognition in the community. The club might consider providing a simple quiz or contest that would be entertaining for children or adults. Or provide some promotional handouts such as balloons, key chains, magnets, etc.

Sponsor a game, skill/contest stand, or a ride
This is what can make a festival fun and where an organization can earn some money. Look over the list of suggestions. A skill contest could be part of the ‘Hog Wild Games’ on Saturday. A club could also set up for the entire festival. Possibilities could include dunking tank, moonwalk, putter golf, RC car course, ring toss, etc. Think of the things that are offered at carnivals, festivals and fairs.